Kenya’s Vision 2030 recognizes SME Industrial and Technology Parks as important vehicles through which the growth of Kenya’s manufacturing sector can be fast-tracked. Nairobi Industrial and Technology Park (NITP) is a JKUAT/GoK/ Private Sector initiative. It provides a location in which the government, private sector and universities cooperate to foster collaboration and innovation.

Nairobi Industrial Technology Park Concept.

The aim of NITP is to facilitate the transformation of innovations and research findings into sustainable enterprises by availing an incubation process. NITP is to stimulate and manage the flow of knowledge and technology from universities, R&D institutions and other innovation pools to the industry.

Park Strategic Objectives
  • To facilitate transfer of technology and promote local knowledge-based enterprises.
  • To create an environment for inventiveness.
  • To stimulate and manage the flow of knowledge and technology amongst university, R&D institutions, companies and markets.
  • To provide other value-added services together with high-quality space and services.
  • To translate Government policies into sectoral strategies and action plans.