Young companies are particularly vulnerable during the start-up phase of operations. It is thus necessary that these companies undergo incubation which is a process of supporting successful development of start-up companies through provision of resources and services (which the start-up companies do not have).

NITP’s incubation program is designed to accelerate successful development of techpreneurs through an array of business support resources and services which include:


  • Office space for on-site business incubation tenants that comes with the benefits of fast internet, conference facilities, printing services, office stationery, kitchenette and an overall office administrator.
  • Product testing and quality assurance. Before you take your product to the market, NITP staff and the larger pool of JKUAT’s student and staff talents will provide you an avenue to test your products. JKUAT’s quality assurance department will review your product too and advise you accordingly.
  • Assistance with intellectual property and patent management. In collaboration with JKUAT’s patent management office (DIPUIL), we provide start-ups with ways to protect their intellectual property and patent their solutions.
  • Business mentoring, coaching and assistance. Start-ups incubated at NITP benefit from some of the best mentors from diverse fields that will provide you with guidance and advice based on start-up specific needs.
  • Business management advisory services. NITP start-ups will have access to all business management services as is described in our business management advisory services page.
  • Networking and community building events. We understand that for ease of the growth of your product, it will be through great partnerships. NITP hosts and organizes several events such as JKUAT Tech Expo that will give you an opportunity to make crucial partnerships with like-minded businesses.
  • Facilitated access to markets, deals and contracts.
  • Linkages with financiers for seed capital and venture capital.

Various considerations are put in place to select the start-ups in the incubation program. The considerations will apply both at the initial occupation of incubation spaces and whenever spaces fall vacant.

Below are the main considerations:


  • Viability (appropriateness, innovativeness, timeliness and market potential).
  • Proof of concept.
  • Multi-disciplinary characteristics.
  • Composition of team members.
  • Level of commitment.

The Incubation Requirements are:


  • The idea must be innovative and technologically viable, solving a real life problem.
  • A start-up will be admitted only if a preliminary business plan is developed and presented to NITP.
  • The start-ups should commit to have at least one full time individual who will be working on the product at NITP.
  • Student, faculty and alumni of JKUAT will be given priority.