Technical Support

Perhaps all you’ve got is a great idea…at NITP, that’s actually all you need, for a start. We’ll hook you up with every technical detail that you shall need to turn your idea from something that’s just a spark in your mind, to a light that illuminates each one of us.

Marketing Support

We have a 3 tier approach to marketing.

First, pre-marketing which involves ensuring that you have the right branding and marketing tools before getting the word out.

The second stage is the actual marketing process. It is the implementation stage, where we help you to go about creating opportunities to sell and create awareness of your brand and offering. This is when we take the pre-marketing materials and use them to drive business by reaching prospects with compelling calls to action.

Thirdly, re-marketing, which is the ongoing development of your business and brand, where you capitalise on the opportunities that we have created through the initial marketing. It gives you the chance to re-engage with customers who have already interacted with your company to remind them of your products and services, and encourage them to take action.

Via this approach, we ensure entrepreneurs at NITP have a healthy business growth and presence in the market and can adequately compete against their peers.

Management Support

We provide ease of managing your business operations. We shall provide you with all the relevant software such as CRM and ERP systems that will greatly ease the management of your enterprise.

Financial Support

At NITP, we provide financial support to entrepreneurs who are via our incubation program. They’ll get financial linkage to financiers and venture capitalists; help with their monetization plans and facilitate access to the markets, deals and contracts.